Learn to dominate a woman

Learn how to Dominate a woman
(Mistress Bambi and Mistress Scarlett)

We offer you the tantric way to dominate a women. We as tantric women will show you how.
One of us will play the role of a sub, and the other one will play the role of the teacher/Dom. This way you will experience immediately what works and you will get the help to improve your skills.
We will teach you how to fuck talk and show you how important that skill is in regards to helping the sub to surrender.
We will teach you spanking with awareness and deep impact.

You may be allowed to use floggers, handcuffs, robes, spanking.
We will teach you how to observe, read and feel into the sub. The result is instant, because of our experience.
We will teach you how to raise the tantric sexual energy in both yourself and the sub.

Less is more in tantric play
Small is Big
Come and let us teach you!

The room fee is 800 dkr. This will be returned if you cancel within 48 hours previous.
The price for two fem-doms is 6000 dkr
The duration is 2-3 hours including pre-talk, aftercare and shower.

Booking and questions:
Email in english to Mistress Bambi;